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Teacher RUIA’s computer tossing road article 15: Preparing for AMD 7nm Navi new graphics card Cool Cool Extreme V550 Super long warranty gold power supply on the box

In 9102, CES came to an end. Su Ma released the latest GPU product: the world’s first 7nm technology game graphics card Radeon VII, and will start on the 7th next month. Mr. Shen is looking forward to it. It is said that there are only 5,000 pieces in the world. It is estimated that he has […]

Dog belt の computer update plan article 2: quiet & power saving? Small update – COOLERMASTER Cool Cold Extreme MWE550 Gold Power Usage Assessment

The power I originally purchased is a white card 500w power supply of HUNTKEY. I just didn’t understand it when I installed it. I only know that I saw this power supply 500w, it is not expensive. I usually buy $30 when I bought it, so I decided to buy it. It is. The result didn’t take long. This power […]

Computer hardware evaluation article 2: dual-band wireless good companion, Fenwei AC8265 notebook wireless network card evaluation

For laptops, the advantage of wireless Internet access is that you can use the wireless network to connect to the Internet without connecting a network cable, but it is an important role for wireless network cards, such as wireless Internet access and Bluetooth connection, so I am in the Tmall Mall. The flagship store purchased […]

Computer hardware evaluation article three: Gigabyte Brix mini host installed SSD, install Windows 10 operating system, Samsung 860EVO mSATA 250GB solid state hard drive evaluation

There are a lot of problems with the computer, such as slow reading and writing speed of the hard disk, slowing down the card, slow loading of the game, etc. Many people have upgraded or installed the solid state hard disk for their own computer. The solid state hard disk has faster reading and writing […]

Computer & Peripheral Seven: Ten-year warranty for three years, upgraded version of Cool Cool Extreme CoolerMasterV550GOLD power out of the box

Can the chassis power supply be purchased at will? Of course not, why? In addition to the choice of your own computer hardware configuration, but also consider the space size of the chassis power supply, so as not to be able to properly install due to the excessive power supply volume, once purchased 750W power supply because […]