Computer hardware evaluation article 1: escort the CPU, CPU radiator Kyushu Fengshen small fortress 120I

Talking about the computer market in recent years, it can be said that the situation is changing. Looking back to 2017, since the listing of AMD Ruilong processor, it has broken the CPU market with a super high cost performance. Even if the toothpaste factory Intel squeezes the toothpaste, it is too late to prevent it. It also looks pale and weak.

For consumers, it is a good thing to break the monopoly. Everyone can choose according to their needs. This is a healthy market. After nearly two years of game between AMD and Intel, the market share has been divided equally. As for performance, it is really difficult to say clearly who is more worth buying. It can only be said that whoever chooses is purely a belief and a personal wallet.

 New platforms are constantly emerging, and the natural hardware packages have to keep up. New memory (DDR4), new solid state (Nvme), new motherboards (X470, Z390), new graphics cards (RX598, 2080TI), etc… Wonderful.

 There is a saying how to say, men become bad when they have money, and it  is not enough. Some time ago, the hand was slightly more affluent. One did not hold back, and went to the toothpaste factory I5 8500, the automatic thread frequency does not say, but also comes with UHD630 set display, from the use point of view, fully meet my daily needs, anyway, I bought Taobao’s film, the price of the start is still good $229, of course, after the start, also experienced a roller coaster-like rise and fall in the previous period, The highest rose to nearly $230, which made me somewhat inflated, comparable to the increase in house prices, but the current price has dropped back to more than $250, regretted not being treated as a wealth management product, feeling a loss of one hundred million.

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