Don’t want to be a pick-up man? This purchase of computer hardware small Tips you are worth collecting!

In June, I received a request from a classmate who was involved in the game. I wanted to install a main game console with a budget of more than $1500. As long as the host does not use the monitor, and then through my round of bombardment rounds of bombing, “success” will add the budget to $1500, with the arrival of the accessories one by one, Aru wants to share with you how to identify and avoid I bought second-hand computer hardware. After all, I use too many parties now. There are no reason to return them and everyone is forced to become a pick-up man. This phenomenon is really disgusting!

The accessories used in this installation are correct. Now the host of the i5+GTX1060 is also close to the $1500 price. It is terrible. The price of this $1500 is still based on the purchase of the main accessories in EBAY, while the power supply, headset, solid state drive , and chassis are based on the transfer of my inventory to him.

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