Dog belt の computer update plan article 2: quiet & power saving? Small update – COOLERMASTER Cool Cold Extreme MWE550 Gold Power Usage Assessment

The power I originally purchased is a white card 500w power supply of HUNTKEY. I just didn’t understand it when I installed it. I only know that I saw this power supply 500w, it is not expensive. I usually buy $30 when I bought it, so I decided to buy it.

It is. The result didn’t take long. This power supply exposed a big problem. The noise was huge. When the game was running, it would emit a very obvious fan sound, and I don’t know if there is a current sound for the power supply of the video card. I used to think that it was the noise of the CPU fan. Later, after changing the fan, I found that the noise did not change. Listening carefully to the sound source is from the power supply position. This is sure that this power supply is black. It’s okay to wear headphones in the winter. It’s too hot in the summer. I usually use the sound in the game. The fan noise becomes unbearable, so I decided to change the power of the computer to temporarily improve my experience.

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