Minefield of computer hardware – Yeston 250G solid state drive

Reason for purchase

At present, the price of solid state can be said to be much lower than the price of the previous two years. Of course, the solid-state market is also a mixed market. There are many manufacturers and many models. A few days ago, the Yeston Express version of the SSD, the price is $30, but after some experience, I also recommend that you do not buy this solid state drive, a little thunder.

Appearance Gallery

First look at this solid-state package with a front-facing capacity of 250G, an interface model of SATA3, and a size of 2.5 inches. In the lower right corner is the manufacturer’s promotional slogan: four-channel high-speed transmission, 0.3% repair rate, original flash memory.

The back is transparent, the solid state drive body can be seen through the package, the warranty time is marked in the lower right corner, and the manufacturer information and certification are in the lower left corner.

Open the package to see this solid body, the shell is made of plastic, matte.

On the back you can see the specific information of this solid state: Yeston has a 250G version, 2.5 inches, and a working voltage of 5V. You can see this solid-state certification in the lower right corner, but this solid state is certified too little.

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