Don’t want to be a pick-up man? This purchase of computer hardware small Tips you are worth collecting!

In June, I received a request from a classmate who was involved in the game. I wanted to install a main game console with a budget of more than $1500. As long as the host does not use the monitor, and then through my round of bombardment rounds of bombing, “success” will add the budget to $1500, with the arrival of the accessories one by one, Aru wants to share with you how to identify and avoid I bought second-hand computer hardware. After all, I use too many parties now. There are no reason to return them and everyone is forced to become a pick-up man. This phenomenon is really disgusting!

The accessories used in this installation are correct. Now the host of the i5+GTX1060 is also close to the $1500 price. It is terrible. The price of this $1500 is still based on the purchase of the main accessories in EBAY, while the power supply, headset, solid state drive , and chassis are based on the transfer of my inventory to him.

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The power I originally purchased is a white card 500w power supply of HUNTKEY. I just didn’t understand it when I installed it. I only know that I saw this power supply 500w, it is not expensive. I usually buy $30 when I bought it, so I decided to buy it.

It is. The result didn’t take long. This power supply exposed a big problem. The noise was huge. When the game was running, it would emit a very obvious fan sound, and I don’t know if there is a current sound for the power supply of the video card. I used to think that it was the noise of the CPU fan. Later, after changing the fan, I found that the noise did not change. Listening carefully to the sound source is from the power supply position. This is sure that this power supply is black. It’s okay to wear headphones in the winter. It’s too hot in the summer. I usually use the sound in the game. The fan noise becomes unbearable, so I decided to change the power of the computer to temporarily improve my experience.

Minefield of computer hardware – Yeston 250G solid state drive

Reason for purchase

At present, the price of solid state can be said to be much lower than the price of the previous two years. Of course, the solid-state market is also a mixed market. There are many manufacturers and many models. A few days ago, the Yeston Express version of the SSD, the price is $30, but after some experience, I also recommend that you do not buy this solid state drive, a little thunder.

Appearance Gallery

First look at this solid-state package with a front-facing capacity of 250G, an interface model of SATA3, and a size of 2.5 inches. In the lower right corner is the manufacturer’s promotional slogan: four-channel high-speed transmission, 0.3% repair rate, original flash memory.

The back is transparent, the solid state drive body can be seen through the package, the warranty time is marked in the lower right corner, and the manufacturer information and certification are in the lower left corner.

Open the package to see this solid body, the shell is made of plastic, matte.

On the back you can see the specific information of this solid state: Yeston has a 250G version, 2.5 inches, and a working voltage of 5V. You can see this solid-state certification in the lower right corner, but this solid state is certified too little.

Computer hardware evaluation article 2: dual-band wireless good companion, Fenwei AC8265 notebook wireless network card evaluation

For laptops, the advantage of wireless Internet access is that you can use the wireless network to connect to the Internet without connecting a network cable, but it is an important role for wireless network cards, such as wireless Internet access and Bluetooth connection, so I am in the Tmall Mall. The flagship store purchased the AC8265 dual-band wireless network card. Today I will introduce the evaluation of this Fenvi AC8265 notebook wireless network card. And my father’s computer host needs to replace the wireless network card.

Fenwei AC8265 notebook wireless network card is a dual-band notebook wireless network card developed by Shenzhen Fenwei Technology Co., Ltd., model is Intel (Intel) 8265NGW, the interface uses M.2 PCIe 2230 specifications, and is universal for various brands. Desktop boards and laptops, except for HP and Lenovo, do not support this wireless network card. Before you replace the wireless network card, confirm the interface type.

So I opened the box and found the wireless network card, anti-antenna loose fixing piece, screw, screwdriver and instruction manual. Today’s target is my father’s computer host, Gigabyte Brix s, model GB-BSi7H-6500, the original wireless network card is Gigabyte’s original dual-band wireless network card Intel AC3160, cut off the power before replacing the wireless network card.