Computer hardware evaluation article three: Gigabyte Brix mini host installed SSD, install Windows 10 operating system, Samsung 860EVO mSATA 250GB solid state hard drive evaluation

There are a lot of problems with the computer, such as slow reading and writing speed of the hard disk, slowing down the card, slow loading of the game, etc. Many people have upgraded or installed the solid state hard disk for their own computer. The solid state hard disk has faster reading and writing speed. I have a Gigabyte Brix mini host in my hand that needs to install a solid state drive as a system disk. Someone asked me why I installed a solid state drive. The first time I bought the first laptop was the Lenovo U410 in June 2013. Later I found the SSD after disassembling myself. Unfortunately, the SSD with a capacity of only 24GB is mainly used as a cache for the mechanical hard disk. The equivalent of Intel AoTeng memory to the mechanical hard disk acceleration, and later sent to the after-sales upgrade SSD found that the solid state drive is mSATA interface, until the official release of Windows 10 in 2015, I use the Lenovo u410 laptop because it does not support Windows 10 The reason, I had to buy the Gigabyte Brix GB-BXi7H-5500 mini host, I carefully found that the interface is also mSATA interface, also supports the installation of mSATA solid state drive, so I decided to buy a Samsung 860EVO mSATA 250GB solid state drive to Gigabyte Brix mini host Use, the original use of Transcend TS256GMSA370 mSATA 256GB solid state drive, it took less than 3 years to break.

This is the Samsung 860EVO mSATA 250GB solid state drive, with a new packaging, capacity of 250GB ~ ​​1TB. At the same time, the flash memory adopts Samsung 64-layer 3D TLC V-NAND. The main control adopts its own MJX controller, and the cache is Samsung 512MB low-power DDR4 cache. The read/write speed is 550MB/s and the writing speed is 520MB/s. 3D V-NAND technology, outstanding performance, durable, safe and reliable.

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