MAC Computer Hardware & System Installation Tutorial Sharing: Save Apple White A1342

As the saying goes, art does not press. This is not a lot of leisure time recently. I saw that the Apple computer used at home is not smooth. I don’t want to watch a movie, let alone watch the movie. So the subject begins to learn how to disassemble the apple. Computer, how to install Mac system.

Before I read the modified article of Dell’s notebook computer written by the main character , it is relatively simple to learn to install the win system. There is not much skill. There are mature software tools for making USB flash drives, for example, computer store U boot disk making tools, Chinese cabbage, old peaches, etc., the mirror version and the original version of the system downloads are also more. Therefore, it is very easy to install the system.

In this and the first two articles, the disassembly and assembly steps are not much different. The difference is that the internal structure and frame of the computer are different, and the disassembly skills and disassembly should be very different.

Past experience

Talk about the first contact with SSD ( Solid State Drive ), which was the first laptop I installed in my life. At the time, when I bought it, I thought it was used for office work. It cost only 2,700 yuan, and the processor is castrated. Version (i3 low-voltage version), there is no separate graphics card, the hard disk is a mechanical hard disk . At the beginning of the installation of the win7 system, the boot speed is not the focus of my attention, the focus is on typing chat, brush the web page, open the speed and smoothness of the commonly used software, start photoshop to repair a photo or something, the experience is not good . After planting the solid-state hard drive in my heart, I thought about waiting for the head to be wide and the whole one to be installed. Time is up to 15 years (14 years of New Year’s Day to buy a computer), from Jingdong bought Transcend solid state hard drive and miscellaneous CD drive frame, according to the tutorial article, disassembly, installation, writing system, installation driver, step by step operation, the whole process smoothly. That Dell computer, the installed SSD is Transcend’s 120G, and now the price has soared.

It seems that Moore’s Law seems to have a little internal force here, but the optical drive is cheaper.

Prepare for work

Back to the theme, today’s protagonist is Apple Computer White, the specific model is: A1342, disassemble the optical drive, you need to prepare materials before installing the solid state drive:

1. Screwdriver gadget;

2.2.5 inch 120G solid state drive;

3.9.5 mm thick optical drive frame;

One U disk of 4.16G capacity or more; system PC;

6. Software UltraISO.

Material preparation instructions:

1. Screwdriver gadgets are recommended to buy tweezers when you buy them. The small screws in your notebook are very small and easy to fall into the corners. It is much more convenient to have tweezers.

2. SSDs are divided into original granules, of course, the price is more expensive, if not bad money directly on the original granules of the big brand manufacturers. Of course, if you are like me, if you trust the services of, you can also consider choosing a cost-effective 120G SSD.

3. The optical drive frame has 9.5 mm, and also has a 12.5 mm thick optical drive frame. This mainly depends on the specific configuration of your laptop. As for which thickness to choose, you can remove your laptop drive before purchasing, using the ruler. One amount, to avoid buying the wrong.

4. U disk capacity is at least 16G, USB3.0 is the best, reading and writing speed is fast, the main U disk is using Flash Di 32G USB2.0, the read and write speed is slow.

5. PC can be used for desktop or laptop computers, mainly for making MAC boot disks. I will briefly explain about the startup disk of the MAC computer. There are many tutorials on the Internet. You can choose different tutorials according to the specific model of the computer. In fact, the general steps are the same, there is not much difference.

5.UltraISO floppy disk is a CD image file creation / editing / conversion tool, online to find the official website to download just fine, after the installation is complete, use the trial version.

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