Computer & Peripheral Seven: Ten-year warranty for three years, upgraded version of Cool Cool Extreme CoolerMasterV550GOLD power out of the box

Can the chassis power supply be purchased at will? Of course not, why? In addition to the choice of your own computer hardware configuration, but also consider the space size of the chassis power supply, so as not to be able to properly install due to the excessive power supply volume, once purchased 750W power supply because of the length of the problem can only replace the chassis installation use.

In the purchase of power supply, in addition to focusing on brand and quality assurance, it is natural to give priority to the full module power supply. First, basically this type of power supply is 80PLUS certified. The typical load conversion rate is higher than that of ordinary power supply, which is energy saving. Part two; the second is to match the module line on the line more free and convenient, easy to manage and save internal space; third, you can change the line as needed, providing more convenience and practicality for DIY players.

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